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Juan Arturo Maldonado

Juan Arturo Maldonado was born on June 29, 1938 and joined the Armed Forces while in Santurce, Puerto Rico a suburb of San Juan.

He served in the Regular Air Force.

In 12 years of service, he attained the rank of Technical Sergeant (E6).

Juan was married to Olga and had three children, John, Norma and Amalia.

He began this tour of duty on March 6, 1967.
(Juan served a prior tour with the 1st Mob, 1962-1964)

On January 17, 1969, at the age of 30, Juan Arturo Maldonado perished in the service of our country in Laos, from injuries suffered in a helicopter crash due to hostile enemy action.

"During the landing one of the air crew heard something about the "emergency brake" over the intercom, the chopper rolled forward and went over the edge of the hill ( almost a cliff ) tipped over and exploded. "

His body was recovered.

You can find Juan Arturo Maldonado honored on the Vietnam Veterans memorial on Panel 34W, Row 26.

This information was compiled from the oficial public military record of Juan as well as the remembrances of Don Deidrich who accompanied Juan on that last TDY to Laos, although he was not on the helicopter with him, Juan's wife and children and Jim Meade a good friend of Juan and Olga.

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