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Site Alpha Hat......You have to had been there to know where it is.
Wadi Kena, Egypt - 1980

Here are some pictures that are most likely the only that will be seen from a site the 1st Mob supported, one of those, "we are not here sites."

It was part of a Operation Eagle Claw.

In 1979 the US Embassy in Iran was stormed and held for 444 days. 52 Americans were captured and were held Hostage by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

There was a couple sites that supported the mission that flew into Desert One, one of those was Wadi Kena Egypt. That where these pictures were taken in 1980.

There was only a few of us supporting base operations and comm and we spent most of our time in underground bunkers or in our vans. Coming out in the mornings and evenings when it was cooler.

A couple years ago I read about the operation it in the Airmen Magazine while waiting to see a doctor at Andrew AFB. The Operation has been declassified for many years. This was the first time I looked at these pictures.

If you read about the operation you may only see a line, if that, in any articles about Eagle Claw. It was never in my TDY records but they talked around it in Air Force Commendation I received for my tour of duty in the 1st Mob. The site was very dusty and if you walked out a couple hundred feet away from a landmark you could get lost, the place blended into itself, a big dust bowel.

I spent time in Kuwait during Operation Southern Watch and couple Bright Star exercises at Cairo West. Those were not bad, but this place was not a picnic. - Bob Bennett

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Picture contributed by Bob Bennett

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