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Mob Picture

In the middle of the picture at the crimp in the tail section is John Thorogood
Lt. Jim McMurry is in the tee shirt and plaid shorts.
O-1E rough landing
"I was waiting to board a Marine C-130 to go back to Clark when it happened. I think the pilot was wounded."
Team 82-66
Dong Ha, Vietnam August 1, 1966

Ex-Mobster and ex-FAC Jim Meade asked his FAC network if anyone remembered this incident. Here is a reply.


That was Lt. Col. Edward A. Abersold's 01 that took a hit in the DMZ.

After he came out of the spin he was headed for Dong Ha. Said he had the stick fulled back in his crotch and to the right, or was it to the left, and all he could hope for was to make it to friendly territory.

I encoded the first primary report that was sent to either Da Nang or Saigon, I forgot which.

I also have picts of the aircraft and of Col. Abersolt standing in front of Task Force Tally Ho's sign with his prop hanging above it and the bullets that were pried out of the craft.

I was sitting in the command hooch with the radio operator when he issued his Mayday. Every pilot that was next door either sleeping or resting came rushing into the command section and someone even tore the makeshift curtin that we had hanging in the doorway.

Then we all got into that ugly Dodge Powerwagon and rushed to the field when he said that he may be able to make it back.

Who else remembers that day?

Oh yea, CBS was at Dong Ha at the same time and trying to confirm whether we were flying in the DMZ. Major Fields said to not to talk to them and then all Hell broke loose.

Intel Specialists

Picture contributed by Bob Thompson

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